Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Web site under construction

Some of you are still hitting this site after over a year of inactivity. Thank you! Please keep checking here for the announcement of a totally new website that will appear elsewhere with its own domain. Construction of the site is underway now and it should launch in a few weeks.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This blog gone, but something better is coming!

Hello Friends and Readers,
You will notice this blog is no longer active. It may or may not return. Meantime, be looking for our new web site.

It will take time to construct the site due the large number of images and video clips it will contain. We plan to reveal a number of treasure sites we've located in our many years of treasure hunting. Of course, we are reserving sites we've spent time and money working, but hundreds of sites are known which we will not live to investigate further. Those we will leave to others. We will provide true treasure leads to these places and likely one of them will be no more than a few hours drive of where you live.

Right now it looks like my vision may not recover enough to do all that's needed to put together a decent Web Site so we are seeking to employ someone with good vision to help with the typing, the sorting and editing of thousands of photos and tons of video. Since we will have to pay for our helper we need to charge for some items to cover that expense. John will help as he can, but being 500 miles from GCR's office means lots of email and networking.

Ouachita Treasure hopes to produce several videos of treasure signs including proof of how they work. Our film library holds about 450 hours of video taken since the first truly portable video cameras became available about 1989. Much of this video is the old VHS format in fairly low resolution and poor color quality. But they remain the only record of many authentic treasure tree and rock carvings. Most of the old trees and rocks were lost to ice storms, floods, logging operations, farming and the march of man's development in once primitive places.

Our plan right now is to help those who are truly interested in learning the truth about reading treasure maps and finding-deciphering treasure clues. Some of that help is already on DVD in the form of Powerpoint presentations. Some of these presentations were shown at treasure shows over the past 16 years.

As old Bugs used to say...........Th-Th-that's all folks.
God Bless you all.
May you dig often, dig shallow and dig yellow!
Hillbilly Bob